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Today there are many resources to help promote your music. Modern technology, the internet, and reality TV have changed music forever. For the better! That said, there is no magic formula to make a great song. You will still need to be as creative as ever to achieve this. There is no magic wand to create a hit record. It's merely doing what you love over and over until it's perfected. Music is a Science, an Art, its a form of expression and application of human creative skill and imagination. In the music creation of a professional song, there are at least 5 to 10 people involved in the process. For example, for every 10s of thousands of songs released each day, only one might be any good. You might ask, why do some artist always many hits? That's a fair question. If your a young heartthrob aged between 16-21 and have a modest vocal ability, record labels will fall over themselves trying to manufacture a way to make it work.

On the other hand, if you're a middle-aged person with exceptional vocal talent, they will have no interest at all. So how did music ever become so sterile? Why is it about the image than one's ability? Well, I believe This has been a deliberate pushed by record companies to target youth, let's face it, they idolize all these contrived artists. If your lucky enough to have been chosen by a record label, they can almost guarantee to make you famous for a day. For the record label, the artist image is above anything else, Hence why we get an inferior product. That should be no surprise to anyone. Just check out the charts anywhere around the globe, 95% of pop music is the image and shock factor before anything else. Today we'll rarely see great artists, such as Queen, Prince, MJ, Madonna and so on dominate the charts. Although to be fair Ed Sheeran is a fantastic talent, without sounding like I'm contradicting my self he's one of few exceptions over the past 25 years. Before the 90s, almost Most hit songs have become classics.

There have been many legendary artists born from the 80s, That's when most of the legends graced us! Let's break it down in numbers to see how rare they indeed are. If there were a million songs released this year, how many Michael Jackson, Princes, Phill Collins, David Bowie's, Queens and so, will we be blessed with? I have no doubt less than 5% will be Classics. From the thousands of classic songs born in the 80s Over the last 20 year has sadly produced just as many number 1 songs but most of these are not for the time capsule. That's because there will always be a number one, but the talent has dropped immensely for so long its become mainstream. Thankfully there have been some great artists come of age over the past 10 years, Such as Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Adele, Bruno Mars an so on. The amount of classics is so few and far between in comparison. The facts don't lie; we've had hundreds of classic artist come from the 80s. Most of today's artist will never reach the dizzy heights of that era, but you can't begrudge anyone for being mortal. Those artists were pure geniuses in every sense of the word.

So what makes a singer legendary? For starters, to even be considered a good singer let alone a legend, you'll need to able to sing and perform most compellingly at an optimum level live without the constant aid Vocal correction software! Sadly I've just eliminated 90% of artists today; great artists can sing anything, anywhere, anytime at a consistent level of excellence. For example, a great artist can produce and perform a song live, they can sing different genres such as Funk, Blues, Soul, RNB, Disco, Rock, and most importantly, they can perform Acoustically and Ballads flawlessly. They can make your heart drop, or they make you wanna dance even if you don't know how to. Signing at an optimum level isn't to say you can't sing out of pitch, you absolutely can that's what great singer. The secret is they pull it together without compromising the integrity of the story. It may not be the best practice to sing out of key continually, but you one take comfort knowing it's natural to do so.

The best singers can change pitch with the fantastic ability to make a song sound perfect even though it may not be. This is where pure emotion evolves from. Like a pianist when a finger slips grazing the wrong note within the scale, you get a beautiful texture.

Today's artists are confined to vocal correction software and specific genres and scales. That's why they all sound like robots with no dynamics. Young Fans are so deprived of a great artist and distracted by the artist image, that's precisely why current music dies within a few months, It's lifeless. Today's artists aren't all bad! "if you want to hear bad, you should hear me sing." But if they drifted from their given genres or scale, and given a balled with just a piano or guitar, it could expose their vocals and damage their careers.

Modern music is heavily assisted with correction software designed to fix things like bad timing and prevention of wrong keys that is always prevalent. There are new computer programs continuously improving to fix this problem. In fact, if you're a glass-half-full kind of person, then its the best invention ever! Right up there with the wheel. The reason being, we all love music, so we need to adapt and move with the times. Maybe we'll never see those legendary artists again, You see this gives us mortals (singers) a chance to strut our stuff! If you have limitations, then modern technology in music will allow almost anyone to have a crack at singing. Most of us will never be the next big thing. But in reality, the way the landscape is changing, that's a thing of the past. Maybe you wish to make a living from music? It sure beats working in a factory.

Modern software such as Autotune and Melodyne have changed the music industry forever. Anyone now can potentially be a pro singer to sing and release a song. Correction software is used by all professional producer. In reality, this has taken power away from record labels and put it back in the hands of the artist. Justine Bieber for example, he is most likely one of the most-streamed artists ever! Would he be as significant today without the image and modern software and social media? The truth is, no. You don't need to have the worlds best vocals anymore or rely on a record label. If you're still waiting for a record deal, unfortunately, 90% of singers will not get that opportunity. The industry is ruthless in its pursuit of perfection.

If you love music and would like to give it a go wed love to hear from you. We believe everyone should have the same opportunity, this is why I started this online production platform, to make the playing field more opportunistic. Real music is pure art, a good artist will always find a way that's the benefit of today's technology and why Jellybeats was founded. We certainly don't judge or deny artists the opportunity to pursue their dreams. It's totally up to the artist whether they want to release a song or not, we produce music for anyone anywhere to compete at the highest level. If a song is good enough, it's your choice to promote it so it may spread quickly on streaming. To get started contact us today at Jellybeats.com.au.

This platform was created so artists may find a channel through the industry red tape. We do our best for all artist. Music is ever-evolving, so having advanced production skills and technology gives you the deal foundation to start. 


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