Music Production 

If you've written a song, and you're now thinking of having it produced, the process can be challenging. The music business is hard enough as it is without the need to be an expert on all fronts. An artist can't do it all on his or her own. There are several aspects of music production we must cover, to fully understand the task. Each field requires its expertise from a songwriter, producer, composer, engineer, publisher, and not to forget the essence of the product itself the musicians. Pivotal to the concept of production (electronic or live), are drummers, bass players, lead guitarist, keyboardist. Eg. A Grand Prix driver doesn't build his engine nor does he change his tyres. Heck, he doesn't even put fuel in his car! His job is to drive, only because that's what he does best! So it's essential to utilize your assets and do what you do best.

When writing a song, a good starting point to write a song is laying down the foundation. Typically this is done with a keyboard or guitar. Once the foundation is laid down, the song will start taking shape and eventually require production to bring it to life.

If you write a lot of songs, at some point, you may think here goes another potential song in the too hard basket! Lots of artists start songs, not knowing the potential because it's not a song until it's complete. You can't invest in every song, but you shouldn't throw all your work out either. After years of songwriting, I found some great songs were at the beginning of the journey. Maybe this is because when we start, we have a genuine passion for it, and the story has real meaning with real emotion. It's easy to get caught up in trying to make big dollars from music and produce nonsense. Making music requires some skill, a lot of passion and motivation also a lot of commitment.

Today lots of songs are being manufactured for a quick dollar, as a result they don't hit the mark, nor do they last very long in the imagination. Unfortunately, this has now become the trend, more about the image than the music. Record labels use this theory all the time, hence the influx of poor quality of music in the charts.

If you've written songs in the past, it's a good idea to go back and give it some time. In the end, a song is a story about your life experiences, even though we progress this doesn't mean others will not relate to your past experiences. That's why music is magic; there is no use-by date. When a resonates with listeners, it can easily hit a chord that's when everything can change. If that happens, the sky's the limit! Concentrate on what you do best. In this case, if your a singer/song writer, then you should do just that. And if you're talented in other fields of music, that's a bonus. Music production has many channels, and each possesses its skillset. A producer would benefit greatly utilising their skills, as would a drummer or guitarist. Here at Jellybeats we offer everyone the same level of service and support. So if you need some clarity going forward, drop us a line. We're more than happy to help out with your new song.

Maybe you've already created a song and are considering having it remixed. Things to consider when applying for a remix are, most importantly, providing us the midi chords, vocals, Key and Bpb and of course the vocals. These parts help form the story and are essential to the remix. (note) We Don't accept unlicensed material. Other factors to consider when applying for a remix is to choose a current song or vibe you're interested in and providing us the link. This can help immensely when identifying the vibe or feel you're aiming for.

Produce Cover Song

Making a cover song is an excellent and fun way to get one started in the industry. This can be done for personal reasons or commercial as long as you have the original artists approval. The difference with cover songs is, once you obtained the wrights from the artist, you have a perfect hit song to utilize. When choosing a cover song for commercial release by law royalty fees apply to the original artist.

How to present a demo for production

When sending us demos, it will make our job easier when all the files bounced at the starting point. Midi files for the chords are essential as are other midi files you may have such as bass or leads and so on. It's not to say we only deal with an artist who provides midi files, but it certainly will be favorable when this is the case.

How much will it cost

There's no set price to produce a song. That's because every song has its own unique story. When pricing a production, it's not practical to pluck a number out of the sky. There are other factors to consider, such as what you're wanting to achieve, the length, the genre, and importantly are you looking to release the song for commercial sales? Is this it a remix, original or cover song. Note: we do not use unlicensed material, so if you have a demo with unauthorized samples, you must inform us immediately as we cannot use them.

How long will it take to produce my song

It Can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, for example, the complexity and any alterations or editing of a song will extend a timeline. When we start work on a song, we tend to set out rough deadlines to help estimate when the production concludes. We understand that once in a while, an artist might want to alter the song, this will, however, cause delays. Timelines also depend on the review process, as we offer this to all artists.

Remix or Original

Whether you have an unfinished song or would like to remix a song, it makes no difference to us. We love making music! An artist can present us any legally owned or licensed recording. We'll then listen to the song and contact you to move forward.

Original songs are most welcome, and we prefer them over cover songs due to the red tape cover songs present. Just be sure when sending us a demo song that the recording is of good quality.

We, only enter royalty agreements when both parties have agreed to collaborate on an original or licensed production of a song. Mechanical work is on a fee basis. Unlicensed samples or material will void any agreement. Artist breaching Copywrite laws are financially responsible for any repercussions, including our financial, personal or legal dispute as a result. We have the right void a contract or agreement at our discretion. Any legal disputes arising will be held in the court of law here in Melbourne Australia. If you violate any copyright laws, you will be held accountable for removing all responsibilities from us jellybeats or its producers. Jellybeats is a service to help artist get discovered and help them grow. If you don't agree with these conditions, this service is not for you.   

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