Preparing Audio Stems 

When sending stems, it's a good idea to have everything categorized. For instance, when sending all the files, make sure they're bounced at the same starting point. The tail of the audio isn't required to end at the same position. Another essential element of our production process is providing midi files. The chords are highly important as are other midi files such as chords, bass or leads, and so on. It's not to say we only deal with an artist who provides midi files, but it certainly will be favorable to us. This will help streamline the process when composing your song. Note: All files sent must be yours (original)   or you have obtained a license to use them. Also important is to upload good quality audio files as this will help the final product.

We accept 

Midi (all midi parts)
Bounced audio 

How much will it cost?

There's no set price to produce a song. That's because every song has its own unique story. When pricing a job, it's not practical to pull numbers out of the sky. That's because there are other factors such as what you're looking to achieve, type of son? Or are you looking to release the song for commercial sales? Is this a remix, original or cover song. Note: we do not use unlicensed material if you send a demo with unlicensed samples we cannot use it.       

To get an idea on price simply get in touch. 

How Long will it take?

Production of songs can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. For example, the complexity and any alterations or editing of a song will extend a timeline. For example, when we start work on a song, we tend to set out rough timelines to help estimate when the song is complete. We understand that now and then an artist might want to alter the song, this is usually not recommended. It's best to make decisions up front; this way, the workflow will not be compromised during the creative process. Music concepts and ideas usually flow at the time of production. Timelines also depend on the number of reviews.

Remix or Orignal 
Whether you have an unfinished song or would like to remix or remake a over song, it makes no difference to us. We love making music! An artist can present any legally owned or licensed recording. We'll listen to the recording contact you for a chat about the demo. Original songs are most welcome. We prefer original songs especially if you intend to release it commercially due to the red tape a cover song can present.   

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