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Over recent times the music industry has witnessed a revolution with regards to independent artists. This is excellent news for current artists as there's no need to rely on record deals to release your music. It's always been challenging to make a living in the music industry, due to all the red tape. Things have now changed and tipped more towards the artists favor thanks to independent music distributors and streaming platforms, like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and many more it's never been easier for artists to sell music to the world. 

The ever-growing list of music distributers or aggregators around the world is good news once again for artists.   A distributor will send your music to all major streaming sites. A distributor will arrange royalties and track your downloads and streams, all this for an annual fee per song.  If you're going solo as an independent artist, one thing to take note of when choosing a distributor is the royalties offered or surrendered. Some distributors will receive a percentage of your royalties while others will not take any royalties. All this, of course, is dependent on the deal your going for. Some disrupters will provide tools to help boost your song. If you wanted to promote and market your song, then a publisher is what you need. Unlike a distributor, a publisher will charge royalties by default. Publishers have excellent industry knowledge, and even though they charge royalties, they will most likely take fees for promotions marketing and so on. So do choose wisely in which option you select.  

Many independent artists are happy to get their music into major mainstream platforms like iTunes and Spotify soon as possible. If you're an unsigned artist looking to start selling your music online, it's wise to have your product fully ready for release. Firstly, the sound quality has to be very good at the least. Don't release a song with poor quality; it's a complete waste of time. Think about getting professional art cover and or logo, once again present something that looks good. A logo is inexpensive and will be part of your song, so it's worth getting it done professionally. As for the sound quality, a jellybeans producer can guide you to achieve quality results.  

While these added services each offer a unique way to get more out of selling your music online, you should always push your music to help boost sales. For example, create a Soundcloud account or Deezer, Pandora, Bootcamp whatever you prefer, and upload your songs and logos. There are many avenues to promote music. Social media is an excellent friend to promote your music and help get you recognized. Although there are no set formulas to achieve the desired results, on average, Spotify pays out as little as $0.011 per stream, while iTunes offers only marginally more for a download. In saying that music is art and you shouldn't do it purely for the money alone. Getting recognition for an awesome song is the priority. The rest will follow once your product is well received. The beautiful thing about music is, if a song is good enough, anything can happen. Social media feedback is not essential. I've learned over the years there are lots of haters who simply love to hate. So don't read too much into that alone. The best guide is streams and downloads. Are you thinking of releasing a new song? We're more than happy to help.. 

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