Produce my original song 

Do you have an idea or concept for a song? Send us your demo or get in touch to see how we can bring your idea to life.

Remix my song

If you've already written a song and would like it remixed, send us a link or upload it directly using our upload page.


Make a cover song

Cover songs are a great idea, you not only get the benefit of a hit song, but you also gain invaluable insight into the artistry.


Sound design

Sound design is fundamentally useful when creating effects including intros/outros this technique used in all our productions.

Audio editing

Like sound design, audio editing is also part of our production staple. We also offer this service to other audio recordings such as podcasts.

Song collaberation

If you'd like to collaborate on a song, get in touch to discuss your project. Uploading your demo would be the ideal starting point.

Mixdown | Mastering

Need your song mastered? Send it through or provide a link and well get back to you with a cost. Note: songs for mastering must not have effects on a master channel nor should there be any clipping.

Sell your music

All collaborations have an option for commercial release. For example, this occurs if parties have an interest in a song and would like to make it available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Itunes. 

Upload your demo

We know for a lot of budding artists it's not easy to have quality equipment at your disposal. So when uploading your demo/s, do try to provide your best recording. 

Get in touch

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