Sound Design 

In movies, the person responsible for all the effects is the sound designer, but it's not just in the movie industry that their magic is evident. Today sound designers are just as prevalent in pop music, and this is because of modern technology has allowed us to practice the art at home in a plane or recording studio. Every modern DAW (digital audio workstation) has software that will enable you to create a sound and record it on tap. A Sound Designer is responsible for obtaining all sound effects, whether its a live recording or a specific production. A Sound Designer skill is to create sounds from scratch or manipulate audio. There are many types of effects and software programs that allow us to be creative.

A composer may be asked to create music for song production or design sound effects for movie production. At Jellybeats we offer our sound design experience to create the impact that will help improve your song. We use effects typically throughout a song especaily intros and outros. The possibility of sound design is endless. It's all about knowing your tools and being creative. When adding these features, you must always be respectful of the original production and never overshadow the original product objective.


What's a remix?

A remix is a song/media which has been altered from its original form by adding, removing, or the changing composition of the sound recording.


Who owns rights to a remix?

The rights to the recording we produce are split between the artist and producer. If we agree to do mechanical work, only agreed costs would apply.


Can I sell my song?

If we've produced or remixed your song, you'll have the option to publish it on major streaming platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, Google play, and so on. 


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I think remixes give songs new life 

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